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Wrong Hair-Styles

Wrong Hair-Styles

Fri, 09/20/2013 - 10:32 -- Health and Fitness
Wrong Hair-Styles Posted By: Jass To Health and Fitness

The heading, probably, can make all the ladies fall off a chair. But if go by the research findings in Washington, the statement is not another hair myth. The study claims that the way you style you hair with the type of hair tools you use, can leave you bald. And that too permanently! Also, wrong hair styles can make your beautiful straight hair look brittle and frizzy.  

Firstly, let’s have a quick look at why does hair fall happen?

Hair loss is of three kind viz. natural hair loss, temporary hair loss, patchy hair loss, and pattern baldness. At a time 90% of the hair are in growing phase and 10% are in resting phase. Then after two or three months, the resting hair starts shedding and new hair grow in their place.

Hair loss has many reasons like deficiency in diet, diseases, hormonal deficiencies, intake of medications, chemotherapy, and improper hair care. However, why does your scalp stage a revolt even after taking care of all the above things? A wrong hair style is the only answer to all your questions. To avoid hair-loss due to wrong hair-dos, dermatologists have come up with various remedies some of which are listed below. Take note of these remedies to avoid hair dropping.

  • Avoid hair-styling products: Long-lasting hold styling products are used a lot. These products are very risky to use, because after applying them on your hair, you cannot use a comb. Using a comb after this can cause the hair to break and can lead to more amount of hair-loss. So either avoid using these styling products or don’t comb once you apply them.
  • Do not wear ponytails or braids continuously: Tight ponytails, cornrows, twists and other tight hairstyles pull your scalp for longer period of times. This can result in irreversible hair loss also known as traction alopecia. The extra tension on the scalp can cause inflammation of follicles and large amount of broken strands.
  • Minimize use of flat-iron and blow-dryer: There are many bonds that form hair on our bodies; one such bond is hydrogen bond. Hydrogen bonds are very weak bonds, which can temporarily alter the shape of hair when exposed to heat or water. This is the reason why hair takes the shape of your curler when applied to wet hair. Heat from the blow drier makes hair weak and lead to excessive hair dropping.
  • Don’t comb on wet scalp: As mentioned above, the hydrogen bonds are in their weakest form when they are wet. Running a hair brush through your strands at this time would increase hair dropping.
  • Make less use of extensions and weaves: Extensions and weaves work similar to braids and pony tails. In this case the damage is from the roots, which is even more dreadful. So avoid using hair extensions for longer time periods.

Take note of these tips to make your hair look shiny with right amount of bounce in them.