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White-Hat SEO Techniques

White-Hat SEO Techniques

Fri, 09/20/2013 - 10:29 -- Technology
White-Hat SEO TechniquesPosted By: Jass To Technology

To rank higher in organic search rankings, you must know how search engines operate. Search engines basically have two major functions

  • To crawl and generate index of pages
  • Show results as per the relevancy of the search query

When any search query is being made, search engines return relevant results and then rank those results in order of worth to the users. The ‘relevance’ and ‘importance’ both are determined not simply determined manually. Different algorithms are used to sort out relevant pages and to rank them in order of popularity. There algorithms are influenced by number of search ranking factors like on-page keyword usage, traffic + CTR data, Link popularity of specific page, anchor text of external links to the page and many other factors. To meet these rankings, webmasters follow some techniques. The techniques are technically known as.

  • White-Hat SEO techniques
  • Black-Hat SEO techniques

White-Hat SEO techniques:

Google’s ethics say that white-hats should never be off, even if the appreciation goes to the level of “hats-off”. A website implementing an SEO plan should always opt for techniques which are less deceptive in nature. Here are some white-hat SEO techniques that must be implemented to make a website search engine friendly:

1.      The perfect on-page SEO

Heading straightaway for content creation and social media would be meaningless if you lack in the technical basis of SEO. By technical basis, we mean paying attention to Meta tags, meta-title tags, keywords, Meta descriptions and then heading over to publishing content and social media marketing. All this if done effectively, can make your website crawled and indexed by Google and in turn ranks you higher in SERPs. On-page SEO is the backbone of your entire strategy and everything else built across this.

2.      Social-media for brand awareness

Media controls the masses and so it is the most powerful thing. This wouldn’t directly generate revenues but would lead us to that trail. Form a planned social media strategy and implement it before your web-page goes live. This would give something to people to talk about you. This is nothing but generating brand awareness. After this you can at least count on the fact that anybody talking about you in terms of posts or videos would link back to your website.

3.      Publish good and relevant content

Apart from a user-friendly layout, your website needs a good content. Publish good and relevant content with targeted keywords on your website. Make sure your content reveals much in fewer words, because people just scan the web-page and click it off. So it has to be of top notch quality. Being state to the point, telling important things about you would gather reader’s attention fast.

4.      A good content marketing strategy

The SEO book has been telling you since the good old days of SEO. But as we know, the rules of the game changes often and abiding by them, is the crux. Writing good content is not enough so find out new innovative ways to market it. You can use info graphics, and videos that will intrigue the interest of many good bloggers.

5.      Follow a good link-building scheme

Linking to allied websites will draw more attention to your website. You can do this by submitting good quality guest posts on to excellent blogs. Blogging is the most genuine technique to build links. This would connect you to the blog owner and to the people who reply to your post. And the game is all about building a good reputation online. This will give you a better chance of building your network for whom you can write in future. You can create your own blog as well where you can add targeted keywords.

By mapping on your white-hat strategy, you can implement it and increase your website’s organic search results. After you are done with the ‘Ethical SEO’ you can also move further to the Black-Hat SEO as well. We’ll be focusing on those techniques as well but to read about them, you’ll have to stay tuned till our next post drop in.