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Simplest Way To Achieve Healthy Growth In Hair

Simplest Way To Achieve Healthy Growth In Hair

Fri, 09/20/2013 - 13:29 -- Miscellaneous
Simplest Way To Achieve Healthy Growth In HairPosted By: albiemore To Miscellaneous

Who does not want to look differ than others? Even everyone tries to look gorgeous at its best. From our body figure to hairstyle, everything plays a prominent role when it comes to beauty. We try to get rid of pimples, daily exercise to shed off extra body fats and to achieve body musculature too. Anything else that contributes in beauty is tried by all of us. Healthy lifestyle can be achieved if your daily diet is supplemented with nutritious food and healthy eating habits. This article is written keeping some basic points in mind.



How to use a brush?

One should brush hair regularly in order to remove the surface dirt and tangles if any. The brushing method must not be over-vigorous. It can tear and generally weaken the strength of your hair. Sometimes poor brushing results in hair fall. Your hair gets start falling from roots, if a hair brush or comb is not applied gently.

How to clean with ease?

How you apply a cleaner is highly prominent in your hair wash. Massage shampoo into your hair and rinse it well using warm water. This will be sufficient to remove all the impurities and your hair shouldn’t need a second wash.

How to treat your scalp?

The proper circulation in blood is very mandatory. You can moist your scalp in the shower to boost circulation, improve hair health and reduce stress. You can massage into your scalp gently using the pads of your fingers. You can start at the front of your head and work down to the back side of your neck.

How water works?

Hot water causes the cuticles to swell down. It will be creating an uneven surface and making hair appear dull. So it is advisable to use cold water to rinse your hair. The cool temperature of the water will close the cuticles as well as ensuring all-over hair shine.

How to squeeze with ease?

One should never dry hair with towel, as it robs the locks of moisture and destroys the elasticity in hair. You can squeeze the excess water from the hair using your fingertips and then you can blot the hair using a towel. This helps to retain vital moisture in your hair.

Do you brush wet hair to make it tangle free?

 You must have heard this line many times before; again, never brush wet hair. A single wet hair is swollen twice than its normal size and is very prone to damage. Use a wide-tooth comb and work through wet hair by dividing them in sections, starting to the ends. Comb your hair till the time it is completely tangle-free.

Avoid using blow dryer

Leave your hair to dry naturally, as heated styling appliances damage the hair shaft. You can apply a small amount of gel into short hair and comb it through. You can also apply a serum of some good brand. If there is a dire need to use blower then use it properly. The heated air from dryer should maintain distance from your head. Over-heating may damage your hairs permanently.