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Never Overlook Disadvantages Of Online Dating

Never Overlook Disadvantages Of Online Dating

Fri, 09/20/2013 - 16:47 -- Public & Society
Never Overlook Disadvantages Of Online DatingPosted By: Mark Wisden To Public & Society

When it comes to the online media, there are definitely things making it more appealing to the young generation. That was a very earlier time when people used to send letters to each other and decide upon the time to have a get together. If you see now, everything has gone online. Now, the internet is not only limited to send messages to people, in fact you can meet various people online. Still there are people who follow traditional ways of meeting people and starting new relations. Online dating has recently come to know where boys and girls decide if they can start a new relation with each other.

Probably the biggest advantage for people is the fact that online dating is so cheap. Most of the people want to date someone, only few of them can afford to spend money. In such cases, they find internet a useful media. Here you can talk to new people without ever leaving the comfort of your home. Not only limited, you can also narrow down your research for the people of your interests. This makes meeting process much easier.

Probably the biggest disadvantage to online dating is; it has made us less sociable as a society. Many of us now simply revert to staying home on our computer just so that we can build cyber relationships. There are lots of people that really have lost social skills simply because they are so used to sitting in front of their computers in order to meet new people every day. Meeting new people is good but do we understand our moral values of being social?  Our social skills are completely lost. Chatting to some unknown friend has become a habit.


Technology is made to serve our needs but do not misuse it. There are so many social networking websites made to cater communicational needs at very economical value. But if a married person is talking to a girl and purposing her to get married, then it is a complete misuse of technology. Why people don’t understand that playing with someone’s life through social networks is a crime.

Even you can see teenagers spending their most precious time of exam days in chatting. It’s really affecting their life badly. Cause is we only. There is a need to get awareness in every age people. People have to understand the meaning of cyber crime. Do the right things in an appropriate way. No technology use is appropriate so far. Open up the newspaper and you will see a long list of social crimes done with the help of online media. Unfortunately, we are part of such society where many of us do not understand the value of technology and its exact use.

So, there is a huge responsibility on all parents to guide their children right. Parents have to make their children awaken from every dark side, so that they can use the internet in a good way and lighten others too. Don’t let your kids create accounts on various social networks. Keep on monitoring what your kids are doing over such networks. Do tell your kids that how to take best out of it. If your kid can learn best at his early age then definitely he can grow high in his career. It’s really a beneficial tool that helps you in every possible aspect of life. Before that you have to promise yourself that you will guide your friend who is taking misuse of the technology.

All in all, don’t overlook the disadvantages of media that can really spoil your beautiful life.