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NaturopathyPosted By: Jass To Health and Fitness

Naturopathy says that accumulation of all toxins in the body is the root cause of diseases. Naturopathy cures all such diseases with nature cure system, involving elements of nature that have immense healing properties. The use of medications in treating disease is nothing more than repressing the ailment, while naturopathy uproots it from the base.

The five elements of nature and treatments based on them are listed below:

  • Earth: Mud baths and fuller earth therapies are used to treat skin infections.
  • Air: Open air baths are the best remedy for any disease, be it physical or emotional.
  • Water: The well-known water-therapy is best used to eliminate toxins from the body system.
  • Fire: Thermoleum baths and sun baths are good at healing disease and disorders.
  • Ether: Doing fasts on at least one day in a week.

Let’s have a look at some disorders and how naturopathy can treat them:


Causes: Poor diets, wrong sitting postures, overuse of a joint and sedentary lifestyle are straightaway related to the problem of arthritis or osteoarthritis.

Treatment: Medications used to treat arthritis never treats the joints, they just kills the pain momentarily. Certain exercises if done carefully can eliminate arthritis from the roots. You just have to do a very simple exercise that can be performed while work, at home or anywhere.   Sit straight on a chair, elevate one of your legs and stretch it for two three minutes. After you feel a stretch in your knee, start paddling with both our legs for at least 2 minutes. Repeat every day.


Causes: It is believed to be incurable disease that goes only when you die. However, naturopathy has proved the belief wrong by treating millions of diabetic patients. It is a disease related to improper functioning of pancreas, where islets of langerhans fail to produce good quantity of insulin. Our bad eating habits are the foremost cause of this problem and medicine had no proper cure of treating diabetes.

Treatment: To treat medicine means to reduce the excessive amounts of glucose level in blood stream. Hydrotherapy is the best treatment to reduce glucose level in the blood stream, as it helps in removing all the toxins from the body. Aqua pressure is another good technique to treat diabetes permanently. The aqua-pressure points are present on both the hands, pressurizing them for 30 seconds stimulate pancreas to work normally.

Naturopathy has remedies for everything from hair fall, obesity, migraine, asthma, epilepsy, personal problems and many more.

Some natural therapies that can be performed everyday to keep our bodies fit and healthy are as follows:

Water therapy: Also known as hydrotherapy, the technique plays a vital role in improving the metabolic rate and in detoxifying the entire body. Warm water enema is done by storing water overnight and soaking basil leaves in it. Warm that water in the morning and drink it. This therapy increases muscles’ capacity to utilize the blood sugar and increase blood flow to the muscles and provide better sleep.

Mud Therapy: Mud therapy aids in correcting the imbalance in digestive and endocrinal organs, which remains hypoactive in diabetic patients resulting in accumulation of toxins. Mud bath is the best way to eliminate toxins from the body. It improves blood circulation, and relieves inner congestion.

Sun-Bath: If taken for 20 minutes in the evening and evening, it can treat many diseases. Vitiligo and vitamin-D deficiency are some of the main deficiencies related to lack of sun rays.

Chromo Therapy: Chromo means colors, and the therapy treats disorders with the colors. For instance, yellow color stimulate pancreas, green color stimulates thyroid, which helps in eliminating toxins from the body.

Naturopathy comes to our rescue when everything else fails. So take benefits from this natural healing technique and stay tuned with nature.