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Natural Tips To Lighten Your Hairs At Home

Natural Tips To Lighten Your Hairs At Home

Fri, 09/20/2013 - 14:54 -- Miscellaneous
Natural Tips To Lighten Your Hairs At HomePosted By: albiemore To Miscellaneous

There is no doubt that every woman wants that sun-kissed blonde look. There is another truth as well, only a few people want to spend money, whereas many of us do not want to pay big bucks. You can get the same results as you would get from chemical-based bleaching products accept you are using natural ingredients that don't smash up your hair as badly. If you are on an average budget then these ideas will be even more of a help to you. All of these ways to lighten your hair are under only fifteen dollars. It’s really unbelievable, if we get positive results in our hair, just with fifteen dollars only. Most of the people spend their hardly earned money in harsh chemicals and products advertised in the market. Now, check out some natural tips here:

Use lemon

What you all need to have is a lemon, spray bottle, water and some sunshine. Take some fresh lemons and then take out their juice. Now, fill a half spray bottle with the lemon juice. Rest of the bottle is required to be filled with water. Spray it on your hair until they are damp. Do not soak your hair and scalp. Go outside and let your hair dry in the sunshine so as to take vitamin-D. Do not try to over expose your hair in direct sunlight for more than a half an hour. You can leave the lemon juice in your hair over night or wash it out immediately after having the sun, it’s all up to your convince. The lemon juice does bleach your hair and cause some dryness, so be sure to condition and moisturize your hair before and after trying it. It will add more strength to your hair.

Use chamomile


What you all will need is chamomile tea, a spray bottle and some sunshine.

First brew some chamomile tea then you can put the tea in your spray bottle. Spray it on your hair until they are damp not soaked. After applying it you can go hand out in the sun. This method is not as damaging or as harsh as lemon juice can be. Therefore, you do not have to worry about over exposure. You can also boil camomile flowers instead of using the tea only both ways are effective.

                                                         Use Henna powder


To have extreme nourishment into your hairs, you need henna powder, you chamomile tea, water, sunshine, a comb, a bowl and a plastic bag. After this what you need to do is make the chamomile tea and put it into the bowl. You have to mix it in the henna powder to make a thick paste. Apply this paste with the help of comb. You can also run your comb through hair. After application processes is completed then cover your hair with a plastic bag. Leave it for thirty minutes. After thirty minutes, rinse the mixture out of your hair with the help of water. Now, you can dry hairs using a towel.