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Make The Best Out Of Google Adsense

Make The Best Out Of Google Adsense

Fri, 09/20/2013 - 10:13 -- Technology
Make The Best Out Of Google AdsensePosted By: Jass To Technology

Google Adsense is one of the biggest platforms to get paid online. It is not as easy as it sounds. So before we hop into the sea of Google Adsense, let’s get some facts about what all it entails. If you are one of those who mindlessly deem Google Adsense as get-rich-quickly program, you are sadly mistaken. It is a program in which people can exhibit Google advertisements on websites. This helps them to earn revenue from the hits that generate traffic.

This is one way to host pay-per-click ads on your website; when this add is clicked, you earn money. Easy—as it may sound but it’s certainly not all play no work. This is because when it comes to Adsense, Google has prohibited a lot of practices and there are some Adsense policies which must be followed by webmasters.

There are many way outs that can help you to increase your Adsense revenue.

Choose a money-making niche

To have a good website with great content is understandably important. But what is the niche of your website is even more important. The fact that some niches are more profitable than others is unbeatably true. Like, people are more interested to read about health or finance than culture and history. Displaying ads is not the only goal; you need to get them clicked as well. This will come from a good amount of traffic. Once a good niche is decided, find high volume keywords and optimize your site for them. Half of your work is done here. Some of the highest paying niches on Google are

  • Making money online
  • Health
  • Finance
  • Blogging or Internet
  • Creative niches like digital photography, creative writing
  • Business

Strategic placement of ads

By now Google has given plenty of tips about the Adsense placement of ads (Adsense placement tips from Google). This is done to make webmasters understand that which places are good, which are bad and which are the best. Placing ads on the places that are visible would increase the number of clicks you will get. You can place the ads in between the text and in the first half of the page.

Increasing the Click-Through-Rates by optimizing ads

In order to attract more clicks it is necessary to fine-tune your ad units. Here are some methods to do the same:

  • Use link units: Not using link units often give a false impression on the uses. Without link units the ads are displayed in a very unwelcoming way. One 728*15 link unit can be placed under the header and another 160*90 under the side menu. Make sure to use different font size as using the same font size could get you penalized under format mimicking.
  • Use correct colors: This can be beneficial for your website if done by understanding the dynamics of your website. Use colors that would display the ads as genuinely as you could. One color would work great for one website and not for the other one. Choose what the best as per your website is.
  • Use right sizes: There are different sizes offered by Google Adsense depending on the places where the ad has to be placed. For instance, Google recommends 300*250, 728*90 and 160*60 for in-text use, below the site header and under the menu respectively. Rest you can try it yourself and can understand what suits your website the most.
  • Use multiple ad units: Google has set certain requirements for the websites, according to which we are allowed to run 3 ad units, 3 link units, and 2 search boxes on one page. This makes clear that for ad units and link units, multiple units must be selected. Different sizes of ad units are used in different places. You can choose the ad as per your site’s requirements. This will help you in getting more clicks per ad.
  • Get in organic traffic: In SEO this directly means driving more traffic to your site, because what every site needs is traffic. More traffic will give you incredibly high Click-through rate.