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Major Reasons Why The English Premier League Is Very Popular

Major Reasons Why The English Premier League Is Very Popular

Mon, 11/25/2013 - 17:49 -- Sports
Major Reasons Why The English Premier League Is Very PopularPosted By: pameliamacy To Sports

While major football fans understand well on why the English Premier league is popular, they may find it funny or be irritated when a non-football enthusiast questions them on the same. This premier league is popular due to many reasons, one among them being the huge stadiums and the football crazy fans along with their favourite stars playing.

The English Premier League offers all the excitement that a football fan expects in all of its premier matches. The excitement starts with the announcement of the dates of the season, with the purchasing of tickets online or going personally to buy them ending in the stadium with more than 50,000 people cheering, shouting and having fun for their favourite teams.

The upcoming Football match between the Tottenham Hotspur vs. Manchester United is considered to be one of the exciting match of the last month of the year, as Manchester United has great star players, everyone is crazy about are going to clash with the Tottenham Hotspur . The Enthusiast fans are going to run to buy the Manchester United Tickets for sure ahead of the clash on the stadium scheduled on 1st December 2013.

The English Premier League is always exciting as it brings excitement, disappointment and unpredictability about the course of the match. It provides extreme intensity till the very end with star football performer players’ display their talents in the field, trying to score a goal till the very last minute. As such there are more than 1000 goals scored in every season of the EPL thus making every match, filled up with a celebration and energy along with the player’s antics on the field after each goal.

The fans of Tottenham are also going to rush in for buying the Tottenham tickets. The English Premier League of previous years for Manchester United was memorable as they had Cristiano Ronaldo in their team. The Manchester United Tickets sale is always going northwards as they are the biggest football club in the world with 3 times champions of Europe and winning the Premier trophies for 10 times. They have become a brand in itself.