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In The Kingdom Of SEO, Content Is The King.!

In The Kingdom Of SEO, Content Is The King.!

Mon, 08/26/2013 - 16:07 -- Technology
In The Kingdom Of SEO, Content Is The King.!Posted By: Sonam To News & Media, Technology

‘In the kingdom of SEO, content is the king’ we have heard a lot of this spiel by now. After the recent updates made by Google one thing is clear that SEO is no more a conmen game. Each time the updates roll out, the rules of the game alters completely. Therefore the statement about content being the king of SEO is unbeatably true. Penguins and Pandas make a lot of noise but considering them important would make you long-term players in this game.

There are various factors that gather audience for your website. And out of all on-page and off-page factors, writing good content is the principal factor in determining success.

Search engines and users both adore quality content and SEO tells you to follow what they adore. Search engines crawl web pages regularly to see the frequency of content updating, to determine the relevancy of content being updated, the keywords on your page and many other factors related to content.

Below we’ve come up with some factors that deem content very important in SEO:

  • Brings in good traffic: Traffic is everything in SEO. You do anything to optimize your site, make it look great but if your website lacks traffic, it’s good for nothing. Your website is termed as successful if it generated a good amount of traffic. This is the major thing that will increase their search engine rankings exponentially. So, writing good content would make your website reputed in the eyes of all the major search engines on web.                                                                                                                         
  • Strategic placement of keywords:  In a good and relevant content, you have an opportunity to add related and significant keywords into your content. Placing keywords in content requires a good strategy, so that it defies all the rules of spamming or black hat SEO. Writing a thoughtful content which is relevant to your website would increase the chances of inserting the keywords in a write manner.
  • Good number of hits:  If you have a good looking website, that ranks high on search engines and provide users with quality information, people will automatically get attracted to it. For Good is great and people has a genuine tendency to gravitate towards it. After you write agreat quality content, optimizing it and presenting it well would add more points to your business. This is because people are offended by poor presentation things and you could miss an opportunity to make it large.
  • Improve Search Engine rankings: Ranking is one of the popular buzzwords of SEO. But there is a reason, why this word gets tossed around a lot on internet. If your website generates a good and organic traffic, you’ll be considered as a reputed website by search engines. So you’ll automatically rank high on search results.

Making and publishing good content would definitely give a great u-turn to your business. You can rank high on search engines and can rank high by doing this.