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How To Promote Your Travel Blog?

How To Promote Your Travel Blog?

Fri, 09/20/2013 - 10:26 -- Travel
How To Promote Your Travel Blog?Posted By: Jass To Travel

In the words of Robert Louis Stevenson” There are no foreign lands. It is the traveler only who is foreign”. They leave the comfort of their home behind and move towards-air, dreams, sea and the sky. But as they say experience becomes a story only when it is shared and to do the honors we have our all time favorite “blogs”.

Since, here we have begun with travelling so I shall compress my discussion from blogs to travel blogs. Travel blogs are something that can bring in money while you are on that underwater dive or lying on a beach. Blogging is a great way to share what you have experienced, to advice the new travelers and of course to fill your pockets. You must have seen plenty of bloggers writing everyday and earning almost nothing. So strategizing is what makes a difference.

Right from starting a travel blog to promoting it, keep in mind some basics and move step by step.

Before getting started: Before you start with your blog give it a thought that what do you want from your blog? What do you want to write in it? About your own experience or Advice the new travelers to try your ideas? Or everything? It is not about sticking to the same genre with which you started, it is about building a plan to make a good foundation for your writing. So, start from a particular point and go with the flow.

At the beginning you won’t be having a niche, but once you attract a group of people then keep your writing that fits in their interest. Starting too ambitiously without any base or foundation would not give you much traffic. For example if you want to create a blog related to” Life and humor” then bend your writings towards life at first and then gradually drag in the humor part.

 Now as you start with your blog stick to the following line ups

  • Naming: “Dolce and Gabbana” “Adidas” “Nike” why all these names are so popular? Simply because once they titled themselves, they never switched. Same is the case with blog titles, so be careful while choosing a title. It is incredibly difficult to change a title name and you are really stuck with the same URL. If you anyhow change the name even then you can’t brand yourself if you keep changing the name.
  • WordPress or BlogSpot: This shouldn’t be a tough question to answer. WordPress is definitely better than BlogSpot because it is easy to use, customize and back up.
  • Decorating the blog: A nice outfit can make your blog look amazing and attention grabbing. Include pictures of almost anything on your blog like the places you travelled, the animals, unique birds, amazing natural views, your own pictures and many more. Writing about your own experience wouldn’t make a difference to the new travelers but all of them are still interested in “how much that restaurant costs?”  Or “how deep that sea was”? So mention each and everything you did. Don’t forget to publish your travel videos if you have some.
  • Use plug-in: To make your blog even better you can use some plug-ins that adds new features to existing programs. One of them is Editorial calendar which reminds you about the post that is to be submitted. You can see all your posts, edit quickly the content, titles or the timings. Next you can use language translators so that people from every part of the world can read your blog. Using flicker is surely a better option to upload pictures because by this you an upload plenty of them at one go.

Travel map is another interesting feature you can add to your blog so as to show where you are going and the places you have visited.

Promotion of your travel blog

 If you are through with the basics of marketing promotion is not a very big deal.

  • Socialize: Use social media right from the beginning as it is the important platform to give a brand value to your blog. Using Facebook, Twitter, Pintreset or YouTube to increase your visibility on the internet. Sharing things on such sites would bring in loads of visitors to your blog.
  • Guest blogging: Allowing someone else to write for your blog is a quick way to get readers because it brings in new followers. Followers of the writers who are contributing to your blog and some good travelers open to unique travelling ideas.
  • Writing for sites: There are loads of free lancing sites that are in constant search of writers you can write for them in return of which they provide a link to website.
  • Create offline network: Now you might be getting the idea why it is so important for bloggers to visit blogging events and conferences. This creates an offline network which benefits your online network.

Travel blogging industry is still a new one but is zooming ahead with a super fast speed. To be a travel blogger there is a genuine need to work quite hard because when your passion and career are same you must realize that how important it is for you to work all the time. But things don’t seem to be so out of fun if you partner with some travel companies.