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How To Make Your Trip Memorable?

How To Make Your Trip Memorable?

Thu, 08/08/2013 - 10:58 -- Travel
How To Make Your Trip Memorable?Posted By: dennyrichs To Travel

Holidays are just around the corner and planning a vacation can be very interesting. It does not matter whether we are going for holidays or traveling for a conference tour with the spouse, The first question arise in our mind is “where we will stay ?” It is the thing for what we most worried. Because safety, security are the main things that we are concerned about and we should keep in mind while choosing a place to stay.

It is not always a easy task to find a good place to stay and Searching for the good hotel, lodge, room is a very challenging task. Some times we make little mistakes and spoil our whole tour and it become very hectic that we never expected . This article is not for to manage your tour but just want to give some key points suggestions to selecting a safe place to stay and to make your trip memorable.

  • Plan your trip well, You should know before leaving that where you are going where will you stay and how will we reach there.

  • If possible make a reservation atleast 15 days before because there can be heavy rush on hotel.

  • Keep your all important things like Id cards, driving licence, address proof, contact numbers in emergency etc in seperate bag where you can access easily.

  • Make your luggage shorter. only keep needfull things with you.

  • Always check hotel information and user reviews before reservation. Through user review you can know about user's experience, pros and cons about particular hotel .

  • Try to select hotel which is registered in tourist trade under the Tourist Trade Act.

  • If you are going with your family then select a hotel with good rating only. Never take a risk to geta cheap hotel. It can spoil your whole trip.

  • Do research well on net while planning a trip and selecting hotel , lodge.

  • The hotels listed on these websites are best rated hotels .

  • Check facility that are hotel providing. if you need facilities like internet, wifi, bar etc. make sure they are providing or not.

  • If you are on a honeymoon then you need to reserve a star hotel or 3 star hotel  only. some hotel provide special package for honeymoon.

  • If you don't need facilities like private swimming pool, private bar then don't go for special honeymoon package. because You can book normal room without package.

These are some some general key points to keep in mind. situation are vary from place to place and time. For example if you are visiting in a city like Chandigarh I don't think so that you will face a difficulty to find a Best Hotel in Chandigarh according to your budget, you can find here easily a budget hotel to 3 star hotel, 4 star, 5 star hotel easily but if you are visiting another places like Shimla, Manali near new year or Christmas festival then you will hardly get a third class hotel their on a very high rates because tourism season is on peak that time. People are coming their from around the world. If you keep these points in mind I am sure you will make your tour best tour of your life.