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Do You Know The Side Effect Of Colors To Your Hair?

Do You Know The Side Effect Of Colors To Your Hair?

Fri, 09/20/2013 - 13:20 -- Health and Fitness
Do You Know The Side Effect Of Colors To Your Hair?Posted By: Adam To Health and Fitness

You want to color your hair because it does not have color you want anymore. You might be looking for a new color and might be hair style change too. It is no more difficult with a lot of products in the market. While applying such chemical-based products, you may not realize the bad effects of coloring and applying chemicals on your hair. The most of the products show their effects after a long time. At initial, you will find your locks amazing and obviously after spending huge amount it will look fabulous.


If a product is very high quality then it may keep you away from hair problems for a long time. However, nothing is sure with chemical-based products. The natural strength of your can be lost after applying colors a result of adheres reaction. There are four sets of hair coloring products: permanent, semi-permanent, and temporary. Bleaches are technical hair lightening elements as well as sub-class of permanent hair colors because their effects are defining and long lasting. As you can see in the above photograph, a girl has completely lost the volume of hairs as well as her face has lost its natural beauty.

There is a common trend that most people want their change to be temporary. So, let's talk about how temporary hair coloring actually works. Inside the temporary hair coloring, the tincture molecules are very large, so they do not go through the layer of the cuticle-thus only putting on enough color that once the wearer decides to shampoo their hair, the color will come off in a single wash. There are a countless ways to apply temporary hair color-gels, sprays, rinses, foams, shampoos, as well as other. Temporarily colors are generally used by most people to get more vibrant shades or colors like red or orange in their hair, temporary hair colors are more convenient where other types of hair colors cannot do the same job. In permanent coloring your hair may get weaker and look dull after a few months. They will break the inner bonds of your hair. Most of the women suffer went through the problem of hair fall ad damage, it is an end result of applying chemical-based colors. These colors may ruin the natural strength of your hair.

If you really want to take care of your hair then you need to have a proper diet that will supply essential nutrients to the body. Stay away from the harsh chemicals. Don’t you think to reapply coloring, if already it has been applied before. Try to concentrate on natural remedies if you want to bring back your natural hair strength. Stay natural and thus save your hair too.