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Best Protective Antivirus Software Programs in the Market

Best Protective Antivirus Software Programs in the Market

Tue, 08/06/2013 - 17:25 -- Technology
Best Protective Antivirus Software Programs in the MarketPosted By: Robken To Technology

Lots of antivirus programs have now come up with new applications and interfaces, in the market, nowadays. But to secure your PC from viruses and malwares, you really need to choose the best one. Your PC’s security is a must to perform task that will ensure you the best security update, according to the requirement. Some of the antivirus softwares are free of cost and some needs registration process to continue. Different softwares are available for different purposes e.g. the people who are send emails in bulk or surf thousands of websites in a day, for those users, AVAST is the best antivirus. Similarly the below mentioned antiviruses also perform well in their fields.
Microsoft Security Essentials: Released in 2009, it acts more as a surprising player in the antivirus market, providing a real time protection at your home or office’s PC with all kinds of solutions. The features that describe it the best are:

  • It runs on older machines without crippling the PC’s performance.
  • Very simple to install and register.
  • The user interface of this antivirus is very clear with the basic functions to perform.
  • It helps in defending against malicious software and the viruses like Trojan horse, spyware, malware and so on.
  • It runs quietly in the background and only performs a scan schedule when it sees the computer on idle mode.

AVG Antivirus:  There are lots of security products which slow down your computer, but AVG has the quality to speed it up.  The new version of AVG antivirus has come up the speed up utility, accelerating the content rich downloading files. Hence you can freely enjoy your online videos and can download even at faster rate. It comes up with the following advancements:

  • AVG antivirus offers a complete malware protection
  • It is one of the less pricey products found in the antivirus market.
  • It upgrades the program without interrupting the running program.
  • It stops the processing of unwanted applications at the start up of windows.
  • It keeps the user identity safe while surfing through shopping sites.

The AVG installations require good understanding during the installation. An eye on what’s going on while upgrading, is must because the free download is only available through a tiny link given below the screen.
Avast Antivirus: The applications of Avast antivirus are very vast. It is one of the top free anti viruses in the market. Avast is a package of number of applications that intend to protect your PC from a possible virus bugs or other malware risks and provides the functionality like:

  • Virus box and manual update buttons.
  • One of the top free antiviruses in the market.
  • Gives free reminders e.g. it will give a reminder when virus infected website will try to get download.
  • A "restore factory settings" option is available which enables to wipe down settings back to a common source.
  • An automatic boot time scan action is available with the new side bar gadget for Windows 7 and Vista.

An issue of preference matters much in case of choosing the best antivirus software. I generally use the Microsoft Security Essentials because it is lightweight and never ask for any money while upgrading. But also have Avast on my thumb to quickly remove viruses and alarms us at any danger.